How To Convert Any Video YouTube to MP4?

How To Convert Any Video YouTube to MP4?

Go to YouTube and find the video you want to convert to MP4. Copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser.

Search for a Converter

Search for a reliable online video converter that supports YouTube to MP4 conversion. Some popular options include Clip Converter, YTMP3, and Y2Mate. Remember to research and ensure the tool you’re using is reputable.

Paste the Video URL

On the converter’s website, you’ll typically find a field to paste the YouTube video URL. Paste the URL you copied from YouTube into this field.

Select Output Format (MP4)

Choose the output format you want, MP4. Many converters will provide options for different video quality settings as well.

Start Conversion

After selecting the output format and quality settings, you’ll usually see a “Convert” or “Start” button. Click this button to initiate the conversion process.

Wait for Conversion

The converter will process and convert the video to the MP4 format. It might take some time, depending on the length of the video and the converter’s processing speed.

Download the MP4 File

Once the conversion is complete, the converter will provide a download link for the MP4 file. Click on the link to start downloading the converted video to your computer.

Is it legal to convert YouTube videos to MP4?

YouTube’s Terms of Service

YouTube’s terms of service explicitly state that you should not download content unless YouTube provides a download button or link. Using third-party tools to convert and download videos from YouTube might violate their terms.

Copyright Considerations

Many videos on YouTube are protected by copyright, and downloading or converting them without proper authorization from the content creator might infringe on those rights. While some content creators might allow downloads or conversions for personal or educational use, this is only sometimes true.

Fair Use

In some cases, converting and using portions of a video for educational, commentary, criticism, or other transformative purposes might fall under “fair use” provisions of copyright law. However, fair use is a complex legal concept that varies by jurisdiction, and using it as a defense can be risky.

Authorized Download Options

YouTube does offer a legitimate way to download videos through its Premium subscription service. It allows you to download videos within the YouTube app for offline viewing, and it’s within YouTube’s terms of service.

How Do I Use YouTube Premium to Download Videos?

  • You must sign up for a YouTube Premium subscription if you’re not already a YouTube Premium subscriber. This paid service offers various benefits, including ad-free viewing, background play, and offline downloads.
  • Make sure you have the official YouTube app installed on your mobile device. YouTube Premium downloads are only available within the YouTube app, not on the YouTube website.
  • Open the YouTube app and log in to your YouTube account using your credentials.
  • Search for the video you want to download within the YouTube app. You can use the search bar or navigate your subscriptions and recommended videos.
  • Once you’ve found the video, you want to download it.
  • After tapping the download icon, you’ll be prompted to choose the video quality. YouTube Premium usually offers multiple quality options, such as Standard or High. Select the rate that suits your preference.
  • The YouTube app will start downloading the video to your device. The time it takes depends on your internet connection and the length of the video.
  • Once the download is complete, you can access the downloaded videos by going to the Library or Downloads section within the YouTube app. It is typically found in the bottom navigation bar.
  • You’ll find a list of your downloaded videos in the Library or Downloads section. You can watch these videos without an internet connection whenever you want.

Bottom Line

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 format can be a legally gray area and depends on several factors, including the content of the video, the purpose of conversion, and the terms of service of YouTube. You can’t transfer these videos to other devices or platforms. Additionally, your downloaded videos will expire after a certain period if your device doesn’t connect to the internet to validate your YouTube Premium subscription.


  1. Are there legal methods to download YouTube videos?

Yes, YouTube Premium offers a legitimate way to download videos within the YouTube app for offline viewing. It requires a paid subscription.

  1. What if the video is under a Creative Commons license?

If a video is under a Creative Commons license that permits reuse and modification, you can convert and use it for certain purposes. Be sure to adhere to the specific terms of the request.

  1. Can I share converted videos with others?

Sharing converted videos might still involve copyright and usage considerations. If you have the right to use the content, you can share it, but ensure you comply with legal and ethical standards.

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